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Developing cognitive products that leverage the recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence can be daunting. We enable small and medium enterprises to harness the power of AI and deliver innovative products.


Who we are

We are a high performance Data Science team passionate about bringing AI technologies to a larger industry audience.


What we do

We listen to your business requirements and identify opportunities to use AI that can enhance your business value.


Why choose us

All of our engineers are certified Data Scientists with immense experience in serving small and medium enterprises.


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Computer Vision

Locate objects of interest in images and videos, impart vision capability to machines, intelligent video analytics and create immersive virtual reality experiences. Our computer vision expertise will enable effective management of your image and video data.


Machine Learning

Leverage technology to identify anomalies in your business operations, forecast events of interest, estimate outcomes and make informed decisions. Our machine learning expertise will enable efficient organisation and operation of your business data.


Natural Language Processing

Enhance your applications to deliver intelligent natural language handling capabilities, understand voice commands, derive sentiments and seamlessly transcode between audio and text. Our natural language processing expertise will enable seamless human interaction with your business applications.

I am really happy to have found Bala and his team. They have helped me launch my application, developing it from MVP to full product while having to solve many technical challenges along the way. Their knowledge of Computer Vision frameworks was solid and ensured we went with the most suitable framework for my application, and when we needed to revisit earlier tasks due to new challenges coming later in the development cycle they did so without hesitation to ensure my expectations were met. I'm looking forward to working with them again!

Marius, CEO of Floord AI

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