Azure cloud for healthcare industry

Balasaravanan Venugopal

In recent times, the healthcare industry has been impacted the most and the challenges that the industry faces is exacerbated by the challenges imposed by COVID. More and more elective procedures are cancelled both by the caregiver institutions and the patients alike. The healthcare professionals are stretched and the resources in such institutions are quite depleted. So the thought leaders in the healthcare space have to now transition from surviving the pandemic into leading the re-imagined solution space. This requires a fundamental change in how the healthcare organizations approach their operations - from a reactive crisis management mode to a proactive planning mode. The Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare solution is a step forward in addressing the needs of this industry.

The Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare solution is bolstered by four principal foundations, namely trust, scale, security and compliance. The data of the patients are not monetised and Microsoft Azure aims to be a trusted platform for such critical data security needs. Azure is a proven leader in terms of investments to bring a positive cloud environment for developers and business leaders. The scale and security features provided by Azure are of an impeccable standard and lends itself well to stringent needs of the healthcare industry. The Azure platform holds the majority of the certifications necessary to enforce the compliance of data products across various geographies.


The primary outcomes for this solution are focused on four strategic areas

Enhancing patient engagement by enabling enriched data flow to flow securely through every point of care to continuously improve the patients experience and health outcomes. The tools that we usually associate with the high tech industry is now democratised to be beneficial to the healthcare industry. The Patient 360 system segments the patients based on attributes related to health and interactions. The patients can connect with the bot to perform operations like triage, booking appointments, access historical interactions data etc. The care team can focus on the right plans and prioritise the patient needs. The team will also get a holistic view of the schedule and resource scheduling.

Empowering team collaboration to improve the ability to coordinate care in a secure environment. The systems in the healthcare industry are usually seen as having complex operational workflows and the solutions from Microsoft aims to simplify the same. Microsoft teams is the central piece that enables the team collaboration. The team's platform is tailored with tools like notifications, image annotations and targeting capabilities needed for the healthcare industry. Managing patient lists, tasks, sending messages for approvals and planning shifts get a lot easier with the tailored experience of the Teams platform. The virtual visits or telehealth features are now brought right to the web browser without the need for installing specific applications.

Improving the clinical insights by connecting the data across the system, thereby improving the insights that can be derived from the data. The use of advanced analytics and machine learning can improve the patient care, quality assurance and operational efficiencies. Auto populating health records with accurate clinical notes from physician and patient interactions simplifies the records management lifecycle. This is facilitated by tools like Azure speech to tech and text to speech libraries which are bundled together with the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare solution.

Protect health information to support privacy and effectively manage end-to-end data security. The compliance needs are evolving in a systematic manner and it is necessary to uphold the compliance metrics to improve data governance and trust.


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