AI solutions for retail, healthcare and robotics industry

Our solutions have brought about signficant improvements across various industries. Want to know how AI and cloud solutions can enable your business to perform better ?

AI solutions for the Retail industry

With data centric AI solutions we address both the consumer side goals and the business side goals of your retail operations

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Advanced retail analytics

Estimate consumer metrics like life time value and churn in a more accurate manner


Warehouse and inventory management

Accelerate towards your goals with AI powered business management solutions


Virtual try on

Offer AR , VR and mixed reality experience for prospective buyers


Consumer personalization

Enhance the retentivity of your consumers by delivering an unique shopping experience


Chatbots and natural interfaces

Enhance the shopping experience of your consumer with modern interfaces


Medical imaging

AI powered systems automate radiology functions


Patient flow scheduling

Automation systems to manage and optimise patient schedules


Mining of medical data

Data driven suggestions for risk assesment and patient care customisation


Transcription automation

Leveraging modern AI tools to increase the automation of transcription functions


Data governance

Governing the data organisation and security with scalable cloud infrastructure

AI solutions for the Healthcare industry

Cognitive software driven solutions for healthcare organisations that deliver an error free and highly automated business

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AI solutions for the Drones & Robotics industry

Gain insights and succeed in your business transformation goals by leveraging AI driven automation solutions


Document management

Manage your business assets with AI powered indexing solutions


Multimedia processing

Identify objects of interest and perform analytics in audio and video archives


Data governance

Governing the data organisation and security with scalable cloud infrastructure


Process innovation

Eliminate repetitive human efforts by increasing the automation assets


Modern measurement tools

Estimate, forecast and measure business goals in a more accurate manner

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