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Most of our clients were are early adopters in AI and cloud technologies. Want to know more about how they improved their business value ?

Intelligent video analytics

The advent of deep neural networks has enabled traditional computer vision application to evolve rapidly. It is now possible to perform intelligent video analytics in a time efficient manner . At Cognitive Machines, we can develop video analytics applications for both live and persistent video streams.

Sensors and other data sources

Sensors usually produce time-series data about important environmental properties and physical properties. Managing time-series data from sensors will require extensive operations on data acquisition, data cleaning and building Machine Learning models. We can build intelligent AI-centric products from wide range of sensor and other data sources

Images reasoning and analysis

With the recent advances in computer vision technologies, it is now possible to perform intelligent image analysis on various platforms. We can develop computer vision applications on images from CCTV cameras, mobile cameras and industrial cameras.

Textual data collections

Textual data collections are usually the large collection of conversations, reviews and feedback comments you receive on your product forums or social media channels. Managing these large textual data collections can be difficult without using intelligent Machine Learning models. We can automate the process of maintaining the sanity of conversations, redact foul language, estimate user sentiment etc

Scanned documents

Scanned documents are the images or PDF documents that are scanned from your important paper-based business documents. The raw scanned documents are seldom useful and it might be necessary that you convert these documents into a searchable electronic format. We can convert your scanned documents into text, extract specific details, store them in searchable formats etc

Tabular data

Tabular data is usually the data that is stored in the SQL tables of your product or other forms of electronic records. Having to handle vast amounts of this historical data, you might now want to leverage on Machine Learning to improve your business intelligence. We can identify significant patterns from your tabular data, derive business-centric insights, improve decision making etc

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