Inventory management and counting using machine learning

Design and develop an effective system to automate the inventory handling with accuracy and correctness.


Problem statement

The customer approached us in search of an efficient way to manage their raw timber warehouse. The existing system involved tedious manual counting of the multi-sized logs which exacerbated the painful process of maintaining daily records. The challenge here was to design and develop an effective system to automate the counting with accuracy and correctness.

Our solution

We came up with a Computer Vision solution that can automatically count timber logs in a single image and generate a report on the inventory. First, we developed a Machine Learning system for training timber logs based on common properties like shape, colour, size, etc. The trained model was then deployed on a mobile application that allowed the warehouse inspector to take a picture of the timber pile and generate a report on the number of logs, size of the cluster, etc.

Technology stack

Logo for OpenCV image processing library Logo for tensorflow library

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