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AI feasibility assessment



1 day technical assessment

Analyse problem statement and review the feasibility

Designing of a reference implementation architecture

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AI feasibility assessment


$ 2500

1 week consulting workshop

Everything included from the FREE tier

Identify data resources and establish data preparation steps required for AI training

Strategy development for AI model development, deployment and maintenance

Analysis and applicability of commercial and open source software stacks

Cost analysis of the hardware and software elements involved in development / operations of the proposed solution

Optional instructor led training session including specific topics of interest

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AI feasibility assessment


$ 6500

4 week proof of concept implementation

Everything included from the Consulting tier

Includes data preparation, model building and development of a reference application

Cognitive technologies including OCR, video analytics, chatbot, speech translation, text to speech, computer vision etc

Analytics technologies including forecasting, estimation, anomaly detection, clustering, customised search, personalisation etc

Cloud technologies including data migration, digital transformation, application modernisation, SaaS development, mobile apps etc

FREE training, support and maintenance for 3 months post the completion of POC development

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Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

Can you develop a solution that integrates with my current software stack ?

Absolutely. We understand that every organization has their preferred software stack and we respect the choices made by you. When we propose a solution will take this into consideration and deliver software that integrates seamlessly with your ecosystem. Some of the platforms that we develop software include Azure, AWS, GCP, hybrid cloud, Java Android, Swift iOS, Nvidia Jetson etc. From a technology point of view we are comfortable with C#, Python, Java, C++, JS etc.

Do I need to enter my credit card details for contacting you ? What kinds of payment do you accept ?

No. You can submit the contact us form using your email or contact details. One of our team members will contact you to set up the first discussion. The first call is on us and is absolutely free. No question is a silly question and you are welcome to discuss anything about Cloud and AI technology with us. We accept all major payment platforms like credit cards, online transfer and direct bank transfer.

Do I need an AI developer in my team to maintain the software that you develop ?

No. When an AI solution is productised, it becomes similar to any other software that can be used by citizen developers. The complexity of the AI solution is packaged into a self contained unit and the delivered solution can be used at your end without the need for any specialist team member.

Do you provide custom AI model development services ?

Yes, we support you on all your AI development needs. You can think of us as your outsourced AI development team. If you want to train a neural network with your own custom data or if you want to develop a completely new AI use case. We have immense experience in AI and Machine Learning and will be able to develop your application at a very cost effective rate.

Can you develop AI software that is fully on-premise and does not send my data to the outside world ?

Definitely yes. Most commercial cloud based AI platforms have parallel open source implementations. We can leverage on the open source implementation to develop a completely on-premise AI solution and safeguard your internal data. Being an avid contributor to multiple open source AI projects, we have a firm handle on the core technologies and will be able to deliver a secure solution.

What is the engagement model that you work on ?

We are a technology services firm and we develop software solutions for our clients on a work for hire basis. After the initial discussions, we will draft a project execution plan and get it approved by our client. We take care of the software product development, source code management, delivery schedules etc. We will deliver a final working product along with the source code, design documents and necessary training manuals. We will bill the client for the time and materials involved in the software development effort.