Advanced data analytics, cognitive software and digital services

Do you want to capitalize on AI and cloud technologies ? Many of our clients have improved their business outcome by more than 20%

Data Analytics Services

Advanced data analytics services

Your business data is the key to improving your business value. We help you to develop insights from your business data and enhance the business outcome

  • Diagnostic analytics We determine why a specific business event happened in the past

  • Predictive analytics We determine when a particular event could occur in the future

  • Prescriptive analytics We prescribe a set of actions that could drive a specific outcome

  • You get business value from analysing losses, predicting failures, identifying anomalies etc

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Cognitive software services

Cognitive software is the quickest option for using AI technologies. We build software that can reduce friction in your business management practices

  • Chatbots We build intelligent text processing tools for customer interaction

  • Natural speech processing We transcribe speech into indexable documents or create interactive voice interfaces

  • Computer vision We automate business tasks by leveraging document parsing and information retrieval technologies

  • You get business value from process automation, novel user interaction, employee productivity etc

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Cognitive Services
Digital Services

Digital transformation services

We build custom made cloud, SaaS and mobile applications for your unique needs. Engage customers, empower employees and optimise operations with our digital transformation services

  • Cloud migration We migrate your software infrastructure to a scalable, secure and compliant cloud infrastructure

  • Mobile applications We develop customised applications for your business facing and customer facing products

  • Robotic process automation We automate common business tasks by automation, scripting and reporting technologies

  • You get improved digitisation on your internal business services and external customer facing products

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Coaching and consulting services

We aim to educate and empower your team to evangelise on AI transformation decisions. With customisable training plans, your team can benefit from targeted coaching and consulting sessions

  • Coaching We empower your leadership team to become AI savvy

  • Consulting We provide AI and data centric transformation strategies

  • Planning We help you team with AI and cloud adoption planning

  • You get customised coaching and consulting services for you business requirements

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Consulting and Training Services

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